What’s ‘Pregnancy Nose?’ Women Discuss Phenomenon On Social Media




You’ve likely heard of people’s feet or breasts swelling during pregnancy, but did you know that the nose can be affected as well?

Thanks to a recent social media trend, people are coming together and calling attention to “pregnancy nose,” or the phenomenon of one’s nose swelling while pregnant.

People Sound The Alarm Online With Receipts​

Social media users began widely buzzing about the subject around the end of 2022, though people like Chrissy Teigen spoke up about “gain[ing] weight in [her] nose” on Twitter way back in 2018.

With the conversation’s recent incarnation, people specifically utilized TikTok to share their experiences with their nose swelling during pregnancy. They were even sure to bring photos to highlight just now much a person’s nose can change while expecting.


Pregnancy did me dirty I don’t even know who that is!!!
so glad I’m getting myself back and fast
#pregnancyjourney #postpartum #michelleerima

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My nose is definitely bigger . I try to stay positive but like watching your face change is so depressing .. #pregnancy #foryoupage #viral

♬ Streets – Doja Cat

Reactions To Women’s ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Stories: ‘My Bloodline Fasho Stopping With Me’​

As women’s stories began to circulate on social media, people who haven’t had children shared their shocked reactions. In fact, some spoke of how afraid they were of having their nose swell up, and others declared “pregnancy nose” to be a “form of birth control.”

Check out how some people handled the news down below.

pregnancy nose alone would send me to the nearest clinic. get somebody else to do it

— 𝔇𝔦𝔬𝔫 ♛ (@dionnae_) December 29, 2022

pregnancy nose???!!!! hell naw my bloodline fasho stopping with me

— ❥ jackie (@fashionkiIIaaa) December 28, 2022

Pregnancy nose is so scary omg

— yanna bby
(@AlohaYanna) January 1, 2023

All I ask of God is to keep my nose the same size during pregnancy

— lo
(@_Laurynimani) December 31, 2022

One form of birth control for me is pregnancy nose. I know it doesn’t happen to everyone but my nose is already so huge, that’s not something I’m ready to gamble just yet

— MamaMaks (@MakamaeShook) December 30, 2022

Pregnancy literally fucks women up in every way, your feet grow, nipples get darker, YOUR NOSE GETS SWOLLEN, we can’t have shit fr

— Lord Voldemort△⃒⃘ (@Jackievol1) December 28, 2022

So, What Causes Some Pregnant Women’s Nose To Swell?​

According to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, pregnancy rhinitis affects approximately 20% of expectant women. On top of feeling congested, tissue can swell and cause the nose to look wider, AND

“During pregnancy, the body makes more blood and fluids, which can cause swelling, even in unexpected places such as the nasal passages. Blood vessels in the nose can swell with this additional volume, causing stuffiness.”

Other factors can include higher estrogen levels, as well as the production of human growth hormone (HGH).

Additionally, Dr. Shannon M. Clark of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston told NBC News that—while nasal inflammation is harmless and common—people should alert their medical provider if widespread swelling is accompanied by blurred vision or headaches, as “those are all signs of preeclampsia.”

“Preeclampsia in pregnancy is a complicated condition and needs to be monitored and diagnosed properly.”

What are your thoughts on the overall conversation, and do you have any firsthand experience with “pregnancy nose?”

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