Male / Female Teresa Giudice Shoots Down Rumors She’s Leaving ‘RHONJ’

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Jul 12, 2022
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Teresa Giudice has reacted to rumors that she could be resigning from her position on RHONJ.

Teresa has fallen out with her brother, Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa…but it was never her intention for them to join the show anyway.

“Since my family came on the show, it was very hard for me to enjoy being on TV,” she told People. “Here I am, just getting my feet wet, enjoying it and then bam. I get knocked, really stabbed in the heart with my family coming on the show behind my back.”

The show started in 2009, but even now, Teresa says she’s still hurt by it all.

“The reason why I still talk about it now, and it’s been 10 years, is because it was very traumatic.”

She continues, “I never signed up to be on a TV show with my family. This was my thing. I was excited about it. It was something new for me, and it was like my job, and I was excited, and then all of a sudden I get bombarded and ambushed by my family. And it was very sad, because I felt like my dream kind of got shattered.”

Teresa says she felt “sucker-punched” and that she would have found her own show instead of trying to do what they did to her.

It is being reported that Joe and Melissa will not be returning for another season.

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