Male / Female Teddi Mellencamp: Diana Jenkins Has ‘Overstayed Her Welcome’

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Jul 12, 2022
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Teddi Mellencamp says Diana Jenkins should not return for the next season…and most viewers will agree.

Diana has been labeled the most unpopular Housewife on the show and on social media, fans have begged executives not to invite her back.

“Overstayed her welcome — I mean, I will just go to ‘Beverly Hills,’ and it’s only been one season, but I don’t need to see Diana again. I feel like I really liked her when I met her, but she was something else on this show, and I don’t need to see it,” Teddi said on the “#NoFilter with Zack Peter” podcast.

Teddi added: “If you are so rich, don’t go on the ‘Housewives,’ like, really, if you are so over the top rich, and you can sue anybody you want, you can do this, you can do that, you are not going to deliver in the way someone who is a little bit thirsty is going to deliver.”

According to Radar Online, Diana Jenkins will not be returning.

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