Male / Female Love Is Blind Star Raven BREAKS UP w/ SK Alagbada After Caught Cheating … ‘ENGAGED’ To New Man!!

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Jul 12, 2022
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“Love Is Blind” star Raven Ross had a very rough ending to her relationship with fellow reality show star SK Alagbada. She’s got a new man now, and is reportedly engaged, Media Take Out has learned.


The beautiful pilates instructor and SK met and began their whirlwind romance on the show but the couple called it quits a few months ago, after Media Take Out unveiled evidence that SK was cheating on her.

Now Raven is dating again, and Media take Out learned that she recently spoke out about her new relationship and why she feels this could be the one.

Raven gave an interview with People and told the mag that she’s been on a few dates since breaking it off with SK. She also revealed that she’s in a new relationship which is going really well. She’s even manifesting it to be a long-term relationship that includes a proposal.


“I truly believe in being very specific, because it always works. But I am going to be engaged this year. I really feel like I am,” she said. “I’m going to say it out loud – I really feel like I’m going to be engaged this year. I mean, [he’s] definitely the front-runner for sure. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed.”

Raven dumped SK after his side piece went on TikTok and exposed SK’s cheating.

“I found out on TikTok with the rest of the world,” Raven explained in a recent interview with ET. “That’s how it happened and it’s OK now, but, yeah, when the world found out was when I learned about it too and we had to process that together.”

“This was all happening and we’re sharing a space and going about our day-to-day lives, so we’ve had a lot of communication,” she says of her ex. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to communicate enough to get past it. And I think as much as in the moment I wanted it to work, it was just a level of trust and you just gotta be realistic about your expectations of your partner and be realistic about respect in your relationship.”

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