Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seemed like the ultimate odd couple


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Jul 12, 2022
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When they first got together, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seemed like the ultimate odd couple.

It was widely assumed that Pete was merely a rebound fling for Kim, who would move on after receiving a needed dose of Davidson’s famous BDE.

But as the weeks turned into months and Kim introduced Pete to her kids, fans quickly realized that this relationship was the real deal.

And now, just as abruptly, many of those same folks are speculating that Kim and Pete have quietly called it quits.


Obviously, neither Kim nor Pete has commented on the breakup speculation.

But online sleuths are convinced that the evidence is all over their Instagram accounts.

We’ll start with the biggest “clue” that Kim’s Instagram followers have seized on:


Pete hasn’t appeared on Kim’s page for about three weeks.

Now, it’s worth noting that Pete didn’t appear on Kim’s page for the first several months of their relationship.

And he’s currently in Australia shooting a movie.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Together

In other words, there’s nothing all that strange about the fact that he’s not popping up on Kim’s page every other day.

The weird thing is, many of the breakup truthers know that Pete is Down Under, and they still think his absence on the ‘Gram is evidence that he and Kim have called it quits.

“Anyone else getting the feeling that Pete being in Australia, Kim jaunting everywhere — that they’re on a break?” one commenter asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

“I know the distance is due to working but idk…I just wonder if this is precursor to ‘our schedules are too complicated’, ‘timing is bad, etc. etc.”

“Yeah I’m sure you’re right. I just feel like this is inevitable. Lol,” another person chimed in.

Now, Pete and Kim are both very busy people, and it’s true that that might create some issues for them at some point — but we doubt they’re breaking up over a single work trip that they’ve known about for months.

Jonathan Cheban & Kim Kardashian on Christmas Eve 2015

The other piece of “evidence” comes to us from none other than the Food God himself, Jonathan Cheban.

A close friend of Kim’s from way back, Cheban created a stir this week when he attended the birthday party for Miami restaurateur David Grutman.

Cheban posed for a pic with Grutman and Kanye West, and of course, the Instagram clue crew took it as a sign that Kim and Kanye are back together.


Much has been made of the fact that Cheban used to openly root for Kim and Kanye to give their marriage another chance.

“I wish they would get back together,” he once said in an interview.

Asked why he’s hoping for a reconciliation, Cheban gave an appropriately lame answer.


“You know what, I’m tired of wearing Nikes,” the Food God explained, adding, “I’m trying to wear those Yeezys again!”

Someone should probably tell Jonathan that you don’t have to be friends with someone who’s currently boning Kanye in order to rock a pair of Yeezys.

And while we’re at it, let’s have that same person inform the Insta-sleuths that couples don’t have to post pics of each other every day just to prove that they’re still together!

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