Bethenny Frankel Skewers the Kardashians: They Owe Ray J Millions for that Tape!


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In addition to taking cheap shots at Meghan Markle, Bethenny Frankel cannot lay off of the Kardashians.

Whether she’s just getting better TikTok engagement or just happens to be picking on these topics, we can’t say.

But apparently even Bethenny felt that her latest rant about Kim in particular went too far.

She went off on the Kardashian family over Kim’s sex tape, voiced support for Ray J, and then deleted the whole thing.

Bethenny Shocked at Reunion

Though Bethenny has since deleted this Story, we will not forget it.

She began by declaring that it is “common knowledge” that the Kardashian family members “were involved in that tape.”

The tape in question, of course, is Kim’s sex tape with Ray J. It very much helped put the famous family on the map.

Kim Kardashian is Angry, Speaks Firmly

The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian spoke both angrily and firmly about the possible existence of a “second tape.”

Bethenny characterizes the Kardashian clan as having made “billions” from the recording.

Meanwhile, she accused, Ray J “has not been properly compensated.”

That is all … certainly interesting.

ray and his kim

“I bet that Ray J just hasn’t been properly compensated,” Bethenny theorized.

“And,” she added, “he’s been embarrassed in front of his family.”

Bethenny then went on: “And they keep exploiting it and capitalizing on it.”

Bethenny Frankel to The Camera

Bethenny Frankel sits here and talks to the camera on an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

“Ray J should get 10% commission,” Bethenny went so far as to suggest.

She wrote that he deserves this “for lightening the flame that created America’s first family. Royal family – Kardashians.”

We’re sure that Bethenny meant lighting, as in igniting. Not lightening, which can mean to unburden or refer to a specific part of pregnancy.

Bethenny Frankel Lashes Out

Bethenny Frankel is mad that Luann de Lesseps is treating her like crap on an episode of The Real Housewives of New York, which aired in 2019.

“I am being dead serious …” Bethenny then declared.

“I know people in common with the Kardashians,” she boasted.

“And,” Bethenny announced, “they fully were involved in that tape.”

Kris Jenner Helicopter

Kris Jenner looks cool and in charge in this helicopter from the KUWTK 10th Anniversary promo.

“It’s obviously second hand,” Bethenny acknowledged.

“But I heard from people close to them,” she claimed, that “Kris was involved in the tape with Kim.”

“And .. they have made billions and billions of dollars off this tape,” Bethenny insisted.


“Don’t we know that already?” Bethenny asked. “I’m just confused what we’re confused about.”

Many people feel the same way about what they once considered accepted common knowledge becoming public.

Bethenny asked: “Is the truth relevant? It doesn’t seem like it ever is.”

Bethenny Frankel Lays Down the Law

Bethenny Frankel lost her cool at The Real Housewives of New York’s Season 10 reunion after being called “fake” by her co-stars.

The way that Bethenny talks here, you’d think that the Kardashians kept re-releasing Kim’s sex tape.

Like Sony and Morbius or like Bethesda and Skyrim.

But what she likely means is that it helped make them famous, somehow indenturing all of their future success to one video.

Kim Kardashian: Kanye Told Me My Career Was Over After I Left Him!

Of course, Bethenny swiftly deleted the video.

Maybe she just wanted to say things differently.

Or maybe making elaborate claims about other people’s finances and personal business could potentially open her up to a lawsuit.

Bethenny Frankel is in Charge

The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel radiates BDE on a daily basis and especially in this moment from the Season 11 trailer.

You know, it’s probably been years since most people cared at all about Kim’s infamous sex tape.

It is no longer how most people know who she is. We dare say that many of her younger fans are only vaguely aware of it.

Bethenny bringing this up now is timely, what with Ray J’s recent claims. But … is it doing her any favors?

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater

Bethenny Frankel shared this photo on her Instagram page. What a sweater, right?!?

That’s a no.

It’s not as bad as taking cheap shots at Meghan Markle and then crying victim when there’s backlash.

But it just comes across as weak and desperate. It’s not a good look for Bethenny.


Bethenny could have let her success as a businesswoman and her monumental charity work define her.

Instead, over the past year or so, she has been saying inflammatory — and worse — things on her podcast. And on social media.

Why? Maybe she misses making headlines. Perhaps she craves attention. We don’t care at this point. She’s pointlessly tanking her personal brand and it’s exhausting to watch.

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